Prayer Club

A group of children who meet on Friday lunch times to pray in creative ways and to explore bible stories together.



During Prayer Club we read the Christmas story in the Story Book Bible and discussed what amazed us about the story. We watched some videos from the Barnabus Trust which showed the story in modern form. We then got into groups and took on a part of the story to act out. We tried to get into the characters minds and imagine how it must have felt to witness these extraordinary events.

The children didn’t have any time to rehearse so the acting is improvised and the conversations a first take.

Enjoy and happy Christmas!

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On December 17, 2019
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Hosting the Hobnobs

On Thursday, the Prayer Club invited the Hobnobs, a seniors group from St Alban’s Church to St Leonard’s School.  The children made cakes and biscuits at home and brought them in to share and serve the Hobnobs.

The children did a great job, writing down tea and coffee orders and bringing round the cakes.

They then presented the Creation Film that we had made followed by a song with actions; “Our God is Greater”.  It was lovely to sing together.

After we had chatted in groups, we shared prayer requests and prayed for each other.  The leaders of the Hobnobs were so impressed in the children’s confidence to pray.

The Hobnobs said they had a great time, and the prayer club loved the opportunity to serve their local community.

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Welcome to the Prayer Club Blog

During the Summer term, Prayer Club read the story of creation.  We marvelled over and discussed the way that God created such variety, beauty and scientific phenomena just by using His words.  We planned together  how we could present the story of creation in a film and also how we could share our thoughts on it.

In groups we took different days of creation and presented them using the Stop Animation App on the ipads as well as videoing scenes and puppets.

We then narrated using the Story Book Bible enjoying its poetic language.

We talked about our favourite parts of creation and then found images on the internet to put together with our Green Screen Interviews.

We read the verse in Ephesians:

“For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. “

and began to think about how important we are to God in his creation.

After all this reflection and planning we made our own creation of this video. Enjoy….

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